Starting at $200 for commissions (see pricing page). Contact me for more details.


I can work in any medium of your choice. However, my preferred and most recommended would be oil on either wood or canvas, watercolor/mixed medium, or graphite (black and white) pencil. Custom framework available with any medium. Contact me for more details.


If you would like a custom painting or drawing please contact me by email or phone to further discuss your needs. Commissions can come in any size the customer chooses. I use only the best materials to create your unique piece of art work.

Shipping is available. Customer is responsible of shipping fees and insurance on their item.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When you place your custom order, I will put you on my calendar and notify you when your painting will be started. Large paintings usually take 2-4 weeks (This includes dry time if you order an oil painting). Large acrylic paintings, watercolor and mixed medias take anywhere from 25-50 hours depending on size, medium and detail of your painting.

Let's Bring Your Vision to Life

Your custom artwork is just waiting to be realized.  Contact Concetta Davison today!